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About The Fools

The Fools is a language immersion company. Our main objective is to help people practice, lose the fear of speaking and have fun with the English language. During the immersion program, only the target language is spoken, no Portuguese! :)

Overall our mission is to make education fascinating.

Our immersions take place at beautiful locations around Brazil, where participants can develop a language in a beautiful environment with friendly and talented people. Instructors that come here, more than just work, have a great time where incredible friendships are formed!


At The Fools, instructors are the stars! They have 2 main objectives: to interact with participants and to offer fascinating/exciting workshops. The workshops should be of something you are passionate about, very good at, or can teach well. You can offer any theme you like, for example: sports, business English, communication skills, arts, crafts, hands-on work, culture, cooking, and so on. The most important thing is that the participants enjoy and engage as much as possible. The more active the participants are, the better. We will offer all the guidance to help you prepare.

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